Sunday, 1 October 2017

Read with Us: October 2017 (Nature)

What we've mostly been reading this month . . .  (Nature Corner Special)

As the season changes and the leaves turn we seem to spend more time out in nature, collecting things. Our reading this month seems to reflect that change in pace. 

Curiositree: Natural World: A Visual Compendium of Wonders from Nature - Jacket unfolds into a huge wall poster!
Natural World: By Amanda Wood & Mike Jolley, Illustrated by Owen Davey
A gorgeous non fiction book rammed full of facts and information about the Natural World. The illustrations are amazing and the layout is really easy for the kids to follow. the pages are cross referenced so you can read cover to cover, or follow the pages on a trail of the subject your'e interested in. This book has captivated the girls.

The Wonder Garden: Wander through the world's wildest habitats and discover more than 80 amazing animals
Wonder Garden: By Jenny Broom, Illustrated by Kristjana S Williams.
I cannot put into words just how beautiful this book is. It looks at 5 different habitats from around the world and the animals that live there. The pages just draw you in. It also has some really interesting facts. It is a book we go back to again and again. 

The Usborne Outdoor Book (Activity Books)
The Outdoor Book; By Usborne Books.
We do love a good Usborne book in our house. They are so straightforward, informative and easy to follow with the children. This one doesn't disappoint. It is full of activities to try and ways to explore. We like taking this book with us on nature walks and trying out the fun ideas. 

Our Garden Birds
Our Garden Birds: By Matt Sewell
I have seen this book on social media lots and knew I had to get it. It is so pretty. The girls enjoy copying the watercolour illustrations and it has encouraged some writing too as they write the bird names. Lots of bird watching books can be a little daunting/boring for children. But this book makes it really easy for the girls to learn how to identify birds. 

So that's what we've been reading this month, I hope we've inspired you to pick up some new books, Follow me on Instagram or comment below to tell me all about what books you've enjoyed this month.

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