Friday, 24 November 2017

Making Dolls Clothes

One of the awesome gifts that home education gives us is time. Time to connect, time to play and time to pursue our passions. Some days we do nothing but play and the girls aren't really focused on any one thing. Then there are days like today, when they are so focused on something that we spend hours on it.

This morning the girls were asking when we could buy some new clothes for their dolls. I explained that they are quite expensive and with Christmas coming up I couldn't really justify buying any. They then suggested that we make some. So out came the sewing machine, and 4 focused hours later they each had a skirt and dress for their dolls. 

They started by using their existing doll clothes to cut out a basic pattern.

They did most of the cutting themselves, asking for my help with the tricky bits. 

This is the case with the sewing machine too. I thread the machine, and help control the foot pedal. But the majority of the sewing is done independently. 

They were so focused and asked lots of questions about sewing. They are getting familiar with the names of the parts, and how to use the machine. 

Here are the finished skirts, Big Bean wanted a long flowing one and Little Bean wanted a tight mini skirt.

Above is a picture of the dolls modelling the dresses the girls made. I'm so proud, and I think they look fab. 

Just goes to show how focused and capable they are when they have something they really want to achieve.

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