Monday, 20 November 2017

Our December Book Advent

It's that time of year again! Time to start the never ending list of preparations.

I'm a sucker for traditions, and one of my favourites that I started when Big Bean was 2 is the book advent calendar.

In case you're wondering what this is, basically I wrap up 24 Christmas themed books and place them in a basket under the tree. Every night before bed the girls unwrap one of the books and we snuggle up with hot milk and cookies to read the story. Once the story is opened it gets put back in the basket to enjoy any time during the rest of the month

I know you're probably thinking that it is super expensive, but it really doesn't have to be. Some of the books are from charity shops, The Book People do bags of children's books for £1 a book, and I'm always hunting for bargains in places like The Works.

After Christmas the books are boxed up and stored in the attic until next December. I buy a handful of new books each year and add these into the collection. It makes it so much more exciting for the girls as the books seem new because they've been stashed away for 11 months.

I have splurged on a few new ones this year because the girls have outgrown some (but mainly because I am a bookaholic!). Seriously send help I have a massive book addiction!

Above is the stack of this years pre-wrapped books, which I've listed for you to peruse, see if any tickle your fancy. I will pre warn you now some of these books are too gorgeous to resist!

1. Walk this World at Christmas Time ~ A new purchase. Gorgeous lift the flap book that takes you around the world looking at how different cultures celebrate.
2. The Mouse that Cancelled Christmas ~ Mouse gets a bit health and safety conscious.

3. The Nativity ~ I don't really need to explain this one, just important that they know what the season is all about.
4. Mr Men The Christmas Party ~ Who doesn't love a classic Mr Men book?

5. Christmas with you ~ One of my bargain £1 books.
6. Santa is coming to Lincoln ~ Pretty sure they do this book for every location in the UK. Not a literary masterpiece, but the girls like the novelty of the place names being familiar.

7. Is it Christmas Yet? ~ Another one of my bargain £1 books.
8. The Twelve Dogs of Christmas ~ A New Purchase. Fun rhyming story, children can also hunt for the puppies on each page.

9. Just Right for Christmas ~ A sweet story about the joy of gift giving.
10. Horrible Histories Horrible Christmas ~ This was 20p in a charity shop.The girls love Horrible Histories at the moment so I thought this would be a fab addition to our book advent.

11. One Magical Christmas ~ Yet another £1 book bargain!
12. Santa's Beard ~ The girls fight about this book over who gets to move the beard, I have to include it, even though I think it's a bit young for them now, because its so much fun.

13 & 14. The Best Christmas Ever & I've Seen Santa ~ Both £1 book bargains. I told you that you need not spent a fortune.

15. The Christmas Eve Tree ~ A new purchase. This story captures the spirit of christmas, very heartwarming.
16. The Story Orchestra The Nutcracker ~ A new noisy book purchase. Each page plays the accompanying Tchaikovsky music to the scene that you are reading, it also has a fact page about the composer in the back.

17. Grumpy Badger's Christmas ~ Badger is Grumpy because .. this is the last of my £1 book bargains!?!
18. Father Christmas ~ Another blooming Christmas. (Apologies, you will only get this reference if you have read or seen the Raymond Briggs classic).

19. The Empty Stocking ~ I love this one so much, and Dawn French reading the audio CD version is amazing!
20. Ollie's Christmas Reindeer ~ Not gonna lie, bought this mainly for the pretty illustrations!

21. Rudey's Windy Christmas ~ The girls find this book hilarious, I don't need to tell why, the cover does that for me.
22. Aliens Love Panta Claus ~ It's an oldie, but a goodie.

23. The Nightmare before Christmas ~ Bought this for myself really, disguised as a book for the children.

24. The Night Before Christmas ~ We have 2 versions of this, we open the newer one in the morning. The more traditional looking one was a gift for Big Beans first Christmas from her Grandad. We usually go outside to feed the reindeer, find Grandad star in the sky and wish him a merry Christmas, leave out Santa's treats, then snuggle up to read this right before bed. I always get goosebumps reading this and tears in my eyes. It's that nostalgia of traditions again. I remember my daddy reading this to me every Christmas Eve.

So that is all of the gorgeous books I have included in the girls book advent this year. I hope I have inspired you to create your own version as it is a truly magical tradition.

Nothing beats snuggles on the sofa with cookies, twinkling tree lights, hot chocolates and beautiful books.

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