Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Read With Us: November 2017

What we've mostly been reading this month . . .

Claude in the City
Claude; By Alex T. Smith
We are madly in love with the Claude series. We stumbled across it in the bookshop and are flying through them (onto the third book in as many weeks). I am trying to pace them, reading just a few pages a night, but they are so much fun that we have easily got carried away and read nearly the whole book in a night. Without giving too much away this series is about a mischievous, eccentric dog named Claude and his best friend Mr Bobblysock. The stories are fast paced and very wacky. We have laughed out loud more than any other books we have read. This series is a must read, even if you don't have kids!

Hubble Bubble: The Glorious Granny Bake Off! (Hubble Bubble Series)
Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble; Written By Tracey Corderoy, Illustrated by Joe Berger
We have had the picture book of this series for a long while. Big Bean was looking for a chapter book series that we could read together whilst she waits for Isadora Moon book 7 to be published. She isn't a 'girly girl' and is really into books about magic and mayhem. This series is just that. It's about a sweet girl and her granny happens to be a witch. They get into lots of funny situations when granny decides to use her magic. Each book is split into 3 stories, which are just the right length for bedtime. 

The Hundred and One Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians; By Dodie Smith, Adapted by Peter Bently and Illustrated by Steven Lenton.
I love introducing the girls to classic stories, but some of the text can get a little meaty for their young ages. What better way to enjoy classic stories than beautifully illustrated picture books. This adaptation is just that. The pictures are gorgeous, and the narrative is written well for young children without losing the essence of the original classic story. We have read this every day since we got it. And the girls like to count the Dalmatians on the last page to see if the illustrator managed to draw 101 (he did!). 

The Ride-by-Nights (Four Seasons of Walter de la Mare)
The Ride-By-Nights; Written by Walter De La Mere, Illustrated by Carolina Rabei.
A bit of a Halloween theme here. We love a bit of poetry tea time, and being a literature lover, I have been trying to read some classics to the girls. The benefits of reading poetry to children are profound. Since I have started reading poetry we have noticed that the girls vocabulary has improved immensely, and they have a greater breadth of understanding in their speaking and listening. But lets be honest, most poetry can seem complicated and a little, dare I say it, boring for young children. Books like this are just fab as they illustrate the poem, and spark the imagination. This book, and Walter De La Mere's descriptions of the galaxy, led to lots of research and discussions about the stars. I really recommend illustrated poems for children; I'm going to hunt out more gems like this one. 

So that's what we've been reading this month, I hope we've inspired you to pick up some new books, Follow me on Instagram or comment below to tell me all about what books you've enjoyed this month.

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