Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Monster Movie

Today has been a lazy day at home where we've been making use of our Christmas presents.

Little Bean loves putting on shows with her Playmobil people and dolls, which she often records on my phone. We bought her this kit for Christmas so she could be inspired to create some of her own animations.

Animation Studio

She wanted to use the set provided to make some monsters and drew out her story on the story board. We made some playdough, she added blue and green colours and insisted that we add glitter of course.

She then created her monsters and used the cardboard features to decorate them.

We then set about moving the characters a little at a time and taking a photo at each stage. I helped her upload the pictures onto the computer. She then used Windows Movie Maker to edit the pictures, adding titles, and changing the length of time each picture is shown.

She wanted to add sound effects, so we used a microphone to record her voice and add it to the movie.

When we'd finished and saved the final edit she asked if we could show the movie to daddy and Big Bean, like a cinema. She made some tickets and snacks whilst I hooked it up to the TV. She then showed them to their seats and we all enjoyed the show (all 30 seconds of it!).

It's very cute and she now has big plans for her next animation. Here it is I hope you enjoy!


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